Six children celebrate national adoption month by getting their forever home

Six children celebrate national adoption month by getting their forever home

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - November is National Adoption Month.

Baby Margo is fortunate. She'll grow up knowing one family as her forever home.

"The Court orders the name of the minor changed to Margo Alyse Joyner," said Honorable Judge Jack Puffenberger.

"It's done," said Nikki Joyner, Margo's new mother. "It's here. She's ours. We're ready to go."

They are ready to start their journey as a family of three.

Margo, eight months, is one of six children officially joining their forever home at the National Adoption Month ceremony at Lucas County Children Services.

Nikki and John Joyner started as foster parents. At first they were fostering Margo but that lead to her legal adoption.

"It is. It is a little different than if she was our own," said John Joyner, Margo's new father. "But we still have that love for her. We had that love for her wanted to take care of her, wanting to give her everything she could possibly need."

"They're willing to open up their homes and provide safe stable environments for these children to have forever homes," said Shannon Keefer, adoption supervisor, Lucas County Children Services. "It's very important for these children to have that permanency."

Nikki and John have advice for anyone on the fence about fostering or adopting.

"Have more people in their lives to give them that, so if you are even considering it, go to a class and see what it is about," said Nikki Joyner.

More than 60 children of all ages need a forever home in Lucas County.

The Adoption Supervisor said they are always in need of families looking to foster a child.

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