TFD, TPD together in active shooter training

TFD, TPD together in active shooter training

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As authorities in Texas continue to investigate the church shooting, Toledo Fire and Police teamed up Monday to train for a similar scenario; the timing is a pure coincidence.

There is a new way of doing things. Toledo first responders are working on getting victims medical help, even if the shooter is still feared inside.

"We're going in as a team to improve survivability for those inside," said TPD's Lt. Phil Cook.

Toledo Police Officers provide cover for members of the Toledo Fire so that they can get to the wounded quicker.

"This is training that we never thought we would have to do, but now that we are doing it, communication is vital between law enforcement, fire services and EMS dispatch," said TFD's Captain Greg Tillman/

Police secure rooms victims are in. Firefighters then get to each victim, mainly just to assess the patients conditions.

Red tags get tied to critical victims, green tags for walking wounded and black tags for the dead. Those numbers then get relayed to dispatch to keep tally.

This training not only teaching a new way of doing things, but allows TPD and TFD to understand each others needs and to build trust.

"This is our focus. It's on the top of our mind and we are not taking it lightly and along with law enforcement and Toledo police, that as Toledo Fire and Rescue, we want to do the best we can  to serve our community," explained Tillman.

TPD and TFD will begin training together to get all firefighters and police through the program.

They plan to begin at the beginning of  2018 and have everyone through the training by the end of the year.

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