Wauseon neighborhood pummeled in Sunday's storm

Wauseon neighborhood pummeled in Sunday's storm
Harmon Field scoreboard came down in the storm (Source: WTOL)
Harmon Field scoreboard came down in the storm (Source: WTOL)

WAUSEON, OH (WTOL) - Elm Street in Wauseon Sunday looked like a war zone.

Strong winds snapped trees throughout the area.

Authorities blocked off the street because of dangerous downed power lines.

The side of one house look like it has been sprayed with mud.

Most people in the neighborhood had no electricity, the result of a brief powerful storm many remember lasting no more than thirty seconds.

"The winds picked up and all heck broke loose," said Don Wood.

His house took a major hit.

A tree pierced his roof, siding was missing and a porch damaged.

"Yeah, it's scary," said Mr. Wood.

And there was a scary sight at the Wauseon High School Football Stadium too.

The scoreboard blew down and part of the press box roof ripped apart.

"A roar noise. Roaring. Very loud," is how Donna Rhoads described the sound of the storm.

In the aftermath, the sound of neighbors helping neighbors filled Elm Street.

They moved from house to house, cleaning up yards, using chainsaws to turn tree limbs into logs, putting them along the curb for cleanup crews to remove.

"Well I guess our community is all we have, but more than anything else it's what we do. It's how we help each other. Keep our neighborhood tight," said an emotional Julie Molina.

One injury was reported as a result of the storm.

The Wauseon Fire Department says a four year old girl touched a live wire.

She's going to be okay.

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