Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: November 5, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo is just two days away from the 2017 General Election. Yet the most visible, most advertised issue in this campaign still has a lot of people confused.

It is State Issue Two also known as the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act.

It says it will make a start on getting the exorbitant prices of prescription drugs under control and save Ohio taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tracy Jones is the mid-west regional director for the Aids Healthcare Foundation which supports of Issue 2.

It's reported that the organization has raised over 99 per cent of the money in support of Issue 2.  Opponents say a "controversial health care C.E.O." Michael Weinstein is behind this. Tracy helps to make clarity of that statement.

Also to help cut through some of the smoke and mirrors so you can make an informed vote is Dale Butland.

He joins Jerry via Skype from Columbus is apart of the Ohioans against deceptive prescription ballot issue.

His side doesn't agree with Ohioans who think drug prices are too high.

And finally  LaVera Scott, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections will begin feeling the heat of elections this Tuesday.

She explains what is known so far due to early voting.

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