Adrian filmmaker says S.S. Schoonmaker is perfect setting for his feature-length film

Adrian filmmaker says S.S. Schoonmaker is perfect setting for his feature-length film
Filmmaker Durand Pape of Adrian (Source: WTOL)
Filmmaker Durand Pape of Adrian (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a case of Lights! Camera! Action! aboard the S.S. Schoonmaker freighter this weekend in East Toledo.

Independent filmmaker Durand Pape of Adrian is making his latest movie here.

Mr. Pape is directing the film and starring in it as well.

He's made several short films before but this is his first full-length flick.

When he's away from the set, Mr. Pape works at an Adrian movie theater.

"Basically I'm an usher," said Pape.

The film has no title yet.

We can tell you it's a 1940s adventure taking its crew across the Pacific Ocean on a ship in search of stolen treasure.

Pape says the Schoonmaker, which is part of the National Museum of the Great Lakes, was a natural setting for the storyline.

"The biggest thing that attracted me to the Schoonmaker is it's one-hundred percent vintage. Kept in great condition. Not a lot of modern things on it. Built in 1911," said Pape.

The budget for the film is $10,000; not exactly a Hollywood blockbuster, but something the cast and crew thinks they can make up for with their enthusiasm for the project.

"It's that creative energy. Just a lot of fun," said sound mixer Brandon Vivian.

Actor Paul Mallory agreed.

"It fits, feels at home where I live, work, where I thrive," said Paul.

There are fifteen cast and crew members.

Other scenes have been shot in the Adrian area.

Mr. Pape says filmmaking is all he's ever wanted to do.

"The fun of it and being able to start the career. Show people what you can do. Being able to have a resume and show I make that film right there," said Pape.

The film is scheduled to have its premier at the Croswell Opera House in Adrian sometime during the winter of 2018.

Mr. Pape plans to take the night off from his movie usher gig for the debut.

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