Voters answer question 'do endorsements really matter?'

Voters answer question 'do endorsements really matter?'

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With election night just four days away candidates are making their final plea for votes on Tuesday. One way is with endorsements, but do you actually care about them?

It's a simple statement to support a candidate, but exactly what does it mean? For candidates it can mean additional help in their race and for those endorsing it can mean favor with the incumbent office, but what do endorsements do for voters? We asked several community members if they really matter to them.

"I always vote with my union," said Adam Maguire, who works for a labor union and is a registered voter. "If my union endorses a candidate that's who I am with."

"I kind of stick with my personal beliefs," said Alli Snider, a student at the University of Toledo. "I think I know what is right and I just kind of go off of my personal beliefs on things."

"Yes," said Balram Yadav when asked if political endorsements matter to him. "They play a very important role because that makes us think something about that guy or that lady."

"The only way I think an endorsement would maybe sway my vote is if I was like in that club or in that organization and I really believed in it," said Sydney Holland, a student at the University of Toledo. "Other than that, probably not."

"I use my own judgment, that's just the way I am," said Linda Guerrero.

Both current Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and her opponent Wade Kapszukiewicz have several large endorsements.

Kapszukiewicz from the police and fire unions and just this week the late mayor Collins wife.

Hicks-Hudson, however, has the Democratic Party endorsement along with the AFL-CIO where she attended a dinner Friday.

"There is a little bit of a bandwagon effect or a herding affect," said Sam Nelson, chair of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Toledo. "If most of the people I know are voting one way then it's probably going to have some influence over my final decision, especially if I am undecided."

Experts say the seal of approval or support from an organization does the most for voters when it's founded on policy or issues that matter to the individual voter.

"Labor unions as part of their preservation has been because we have a lot of active voters and a lot of people that are paying attention because for some folks their jobs are literally on the line," said Adam Maguire.

"If they are going for what I say, I kind of go for that and nothing really can sway that as much as other things," said Sydney Holland.

Election day is this coming Tuesday November 7th.

The polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm, but early voting is already open.

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