Road construction around Toledo Hospital to take two more weeks

Road construction around Toledo Hospital to take two more weeks

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Construction near Toledo Hospital could tie you up, if you aren't paying attention.

Starting on Saturday morning, a detour will be outside of Toledo Hospital and Toledo Children's Hospital.

The detour will last until November 18.

The two-week detour is the last phase of road construction on ProMedica Parkway.

Crews are actually moving the roadway completely to improve access to the hospital.

The change will increase the speed at which emergencies can arrive, potentially saving lives.

"So, what this does now is once complete on the 18th, you'll be able to come off the highway on 475 and come straight through ProMedica Parkway to get to the hospital as opposed to now, where you take a jog on Monroe Street. We lose that intersection, and now it will be a straight shot," said Rob Vela, Project Specialist at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Employees have been asked to get off on Secor Rd. or Monroe St. to minimize traffic.

This serves to decrease congestion coming into the hospital as well as through the surrounding neighborhoods, until project completion.

Construction workers are also instructed to park off-site because parking is at a premium.

"Parking stays the same, so our new entrance on the East side of campus is still open. All the garages will still be open," said Vela. "It will just be whether or not you get off on ProMedica Parkway and how you get to the hospital off of the highway," said Vela.

Once the road project is completed, the primary focus will be on the new "Generations of Care" patient housing and ICU building construction.

Crews hope to finish work on the new tower and parking garage before winter hits.

Even if it's a dire emergency, the detour is to go left on Central, make a right on Upton, and then continue to Monroe to access the hospital as you do now.

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