Don't forget: Pets suffer from allergies too

Don't forget: Pets suffer from allergies too

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As the seasons changes, so do the seasonal allergies.

And just like people, your pets can be affected too.

Ida Tedesco talked to a local veterinarian on how you can help man's best friend defeat some of its worst enemies...allergies.

According to Kady Flowers, owner of the Spring Meadows Animal Hospital, the flu is very common right now, but allergies are common all year round.

And not all allergies are created equal.

As humans, we tend to cough, sneeze and sniffles this time of year but for dogs, their symptoms can be more serious and uncomfortable.

"Dogs tend to itch. That's usually the most common," said Flowers. "Sometimes they'll get a rash but usually they're licking or chewing at their feet, their bellies and sometimes even their ears."

While these tendencies can be easy to miss if you aren't paying attention, the effects of overlooking these symptoms can be pretty severe for your pooch.

"We've actually seen dogs that lose almost all their hair, their skin gets very thick and they get a severe infection from that," said Flowers.

Right now, the most common cause of allergies are fleas, mold and leaves.

To help prevent allergies, you should always wipe your dog's feet after letting them outside the house.

Make sure they're on a healthy diet.

Also, be sure to clean and examine their ears.

In addition, veterinarians can always prescribe antibiotics to give to your pet before problems even begin to occur.

So as you struggle with the sniffles and itchy eyes this allergy season, don't forget your pet might be suffering too.

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