Metroparks reveal plans for new park at Manhattan Marsh

Metroparks reveal plans for new park at Manhattan Marsh

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The upcoming Manhattan Marsh Metropark is the talk of north Toledo.

Thursday night, residents learned about the park that will soon be built near the intersection of Manhattan Boulevard and Suder Avenue.

"Oh we're so happy that it's being preserved by the Toledo Metroparks. We've very thankful for their help" Kris Moazed said.

The 70-acre park will feature marshland surrounded by a trail and boardwalk. There will also be access for kayaks to paddle the marshland.

Funding comes from several sources.

The largest chunk is $635,000 from taxpayer supported Toledo Metroparks. The other is a $475,000 piece from the National Park Service.

This fulfills the Metroparks plans to place a park within five miles of every Lucas County resident.

"We think every part of town deserves a Metropark. Wherever we put a park it enhances the community around it," Toledo Metroparks spokesman Scott Carpenter said.

Folks getting their first glimpse of the park plans hope that's exactly what will happen in their neighborhood.

"I hope it enhances the neighborhood. Makes it look nice for us besides all the swamp we see behind us." Pam Kopik said.

Manhattan Marsh Metropark will open in the fall of 2019.

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