NSCC students make mechanical hand for 3-year-old Archbold boy

NSCC students make mechanical hand for 3-year-old Archbold boy

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For one little boy in Archbold, he has only known a life with the use of one hand until a group of students at Northwest State Community College changed all of that.

In just one month, STEM students created three prototypes and made a final mechanical hand for a three-year-old boy.

In just one month they changed his life forever.

The five students at Northwest State Community College took on a labor of love. It was big idea to change the life of one little boy who was born without his right hand.

"Within 30 seconds we said yes," said Colin Doolittle, Engineering Faculty at NSCC. "This is something we'd really want to do. Within five hours we had a team of students ready to go."

With the 3D printing machine and the brain power of students and faculty, they took the model of a mechanical hand from the internet and gave -three-year-old Cameron the ability to high five, fist bump and even swing.

"He's going to be able to swing. Swing higher, faster because he'll have two hands to hold onto the swing," said David Vansteenkiste, an industrial electric student. "He picked up keys. He's going to be able to shake our hand."

The students and staff did all of this work on their own time and an anonymous donor supplied the funds.

"For us to have the knowledge and the ability to help him, to do it and to succeed at it you know it's an amazing feeling," said Brandon Allen, mechanical engineering student. "It's an amazing thing."

The engineering instructor said Cameron's grandmother is a nursing student at the college and came to them with the idea.

The students said their college is like a family, they will always help their own.

The team of students are creating replacing parts for Cameron's hand should anything break. The team is also looking to find other community service projects as well.

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