Street car rails discovered under Findlay Main Street

Street car rails discovered under Findlay Main Street

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The city of Findlay uncovered a piece of its history Wednesday while crews were improving Main Street.

As workers continued the Main Street revitalization project, they dug up the current turn lanes to build concrete pedestrian islands.

Wednesday, right in front of Marathon Petroleum headquarters, crews found old rails beneath the asphalt. Turns out they are from the old street car system in town.

Many expected the rails were disposed of after the final run in the 1930's. Instead, the city simply paved over the rails.

Beginning in the 1890's, the trolley acted as the primary mode of transportation for people to get around Findlay or connect with the Inter Urban railway.

"Automobiles were pretty expensive and not everyone had gasoline or things to run them. Horses were expensive to keep and maintain. A lot of people walked, bicycles were also a method of transportation," Joy Bennett, curator of the Hancock Historical Museum said. "But, you could ride the street car for five to 25 cents a ride. So that was economical for people to get from one side of town to the other."

The discovered rails will eventually be handed over to the Hancock Historical Museum to be put on display.

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