Leaf removal begins earlier this year, still weeks of work left ahead

Leaf removal begins earlier this year, still weeks of work left ahead

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city of Toledo began leaf removal earlier this year than in years past.

The reason is crews wanted to get as much as possible before snow begins to fall.

Many of the city's neighborhoods with older trees and deeper roots tend to d rop leaves later in the season. Crews will do two sets of pick-ups in those locations.

If you are at a location with only one leaf pick-up is scheduled, and your date has passed, please bag up your leaves to be taken away.

Weather permitting, the leaf removal program usually takes between six to eight weeks.

"The zip codes that we're picking up right now, they receive a second pass later in our program," Toledo Commissioner of Streets, Bridges, and Harbor Jeremy Mikolajczyk said. "We have had other complains of big piles of leaves already in the street. So, we're going to take advantage of it right now and we're going to try to get as many of those piles up as we can before any snow events happen."

The proper way to rake your leaves is into the street while still leaving gaps where storm drains are to allow for snow and rain water runoff.

If the snow hits before all the leaves can be collected, crews will pick up the snow in the meantime and come back for the leaves again once the snow is gone.

The crews who pick up leaves are the same that also clear snow and fix pot holes.

"We actually ran all of our employees through a training program since we haven't seen a whole lot of snow the last few years," Mikolajczyk said. "They've actually gone through and run their routes with the equipment on these trucks. So yes. We are ready."

The city is excited about being able to use homemade brine this year for snow removal to cut down costs on buying road salt and save taxpayer money.

The leaf collection schedule is published online and frequently updated. You can even sign up text messages as to when they'll be working on your area.

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