Jury finds Terry Campbell guilty of murdering wife, sentenced to life without parole

Jury finds Terry Campbell guilty of murdering wife, sentenced to life without parole
Cora Campbell, 32 (Source: Facebook)
Cora Campbell, 32 (Source: Facebook)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A jury found a Toledo man guilty of aggravated murder Thursday evening in the shooting death of his wife.

He was sentenced to life without parole.

"If this behavior doesn't warrant the maximum sentence, what does?" Judge Mandros said during the hearing.

Terry Campbell was accused of shooting and killing his wife Cora.

The judge said manor in which Campbell shot Cora and her screams on the 911 call were the worst he has ever seen and heard.

The jury deliberated for two hours Wednesday and started up at 9 a.m. Thursday to come to their conclusion. The verdict came in just after 5 p.m.

During their deliberations, the jury asked to hear Cora's 911 call and to take another look at the surveillance video from the home where the murder took place. They also requested a magnifying glass.

Campbell admitted to firing the shots that killed his wife Cora.

The defense said Campbell was guilty of murder, but Cora's murder was not pre-planned.

Angry text messages and cell phone videos were also entered as evidence that showed conversations between the couple having to do with infidelity, abortion and splitting up.

"This isn't a spontaneous killing, when you post on Facebook prior to the murder a lengthy tirade against your estranged wife accusing her of an affair that ends with 'M-F murder [!] exclamation point,'" prosecutor Charles McDonald said. "It is not a spontaneous act when you do go in fact murder her three days later."

The judge said the sentence was based not only on Campbell's prior domestic violence record, but also on his lack of remorse for the killing.

For the prosecution, they say the lesson of this case is the devastating effects of domestic violence.

"Cora Campbell was trying to get out of this relationship and Terry Campbell couldn't stand losing his control over her," Prosecutor Rachel Facey said. "So he did the ultimate of taking her life in such a brutal and torturous way."

After the sentencing, both of Cora's parents began to weep with what they said was tears of joy after an emotional week in the courtroom.

"This road has been long and hard for us some days," Cora's mother Karen Corbin said. "We didn't know if we would make it through hearing the things of how he tortured our child."

Cora's father John Corbin said her loving nature was her downfall in this situation, and that it is a daily struggle without Cora.

"Cora was a great mother of two beautiful boys she cherished and live for. Her 19-month-old will never hear this mother's voice or feel her touch. Her 11-year-old will only have the memories of a short time he had with his mother," said John Corbin.

Cora's mother and father are now raising her children. They said told marks closure for them and don't wish any harm upon Campbell.

"It was a struggle, but he brings us joy and every day," Karen Corbin said. "We see her smile when he hugs us that is her we feel her through him we see her through him that's what keeps us going her boys."

However, they do hope he shows remorse for their daughter's murder at some point in his life.

Campbell told the judge he plans to appeal the guilty verdict.

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