Mayoral candidates answer east Toledo residents' questions directly

Mayoral candidates answer east Toledo residents' questions directly

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo is in the home stretch of the race for Mayor. For the first time, a forum on the east Side of Toledo gave residents there a chance to ask both candidates questions.

People are concerned about the future of their neighborhoods. They want better streets, safety and outdoor activities for their children and grandchildren can enjoy for years to come.

Mayor Paula Hicks- Hudson and Wade Kapszukiwiecz each spoke for two minute about their plans for the city and their track record, before responding to audience questions like how to keep neighborhood streets safer.

Both agreed they need more officers and Mayor Hicks-Hudson added more community partnerships.

" It is really to have a better connection between police and citizens. Like through one voice which is the community organizing east Toledo so that if they see something they'll be more comfortable to say something about it." said Hicks-Hudson.

She also talked about her effort to get LED lighting onto more neighborhood streets.

"I am committed to doing that because by brightening our neighborhoods that's going to allow for safety," she added.

They also were asked about economic development and lack of jobs

"City Government needs to do its part. the private sector has stepped up and that's why we've seen a little uptick in activity downtown. It is City Government that is not pulling its weight," said Kapszukiwiecz.

Kapszukiwiecz also said the citizens here need to have more of a voice, nd it needs to be heard at One Government Center.

"I felt very satisfied that we could do that tonight. because everyone should have their voice heard. The future we are trying to build in Toledo is a future that everyone has a stake in," said Kapszukiwiecz .

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