Monroe City leaders say water is safe

Monroe City leaders say water is safe

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - Recent headlines are saying Flint is testing better than 71 different water systems in Michigan.  Monroe is at the top of this list with 15 parts per billion of lead, still in compliance, but number one on the list.

City leaders are warning neighbors, these numbers are from last year, and the water is safe.

In the meantime, they are working on doing even more to get these numbers down.

With a lot of older houses, it's inevitable there are lead pipes, so right now city leaders are doing what they can to keep lead from getting into drinking water.

"We'll test their water so if a customer calls and first of all is questioning what is my service line material, we will go and verify it is lead, we will check our record first off, and then verify. The second thing we will do is we will test the water and work with the customer to do that and then we will schedule a replacement," said Barry LaRoy, the Director of the Monroe Water Department.

This replacement work is built into the budget, each service costs anywhere between $1,500 to $4,000. They will replace from the water main all the way to the meter, even if the meter is in the house, with no cost to the homeowner.

"We have about 700 left that we know of, there is always surprises that we have, but the big issue is legislation for us right now and the big push to replace these so we're going to do it in accordance to our budget when we can," said LaRoy.

In the meantime, they are actively figuring out how to prevent corrosion through a 60-day test.

"You're testing your source water with nothing in it, you're testing your current corrosion inhibitor, and then you're testing other products," said LaRoy.

City leaders are hoping for the results within the next week, and then reevaluate what they use as a corrosion inhibitor.

If neighbors are worried about their lead pipes, they can call the Monroe Water Department  (734) 384-9150.

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