Gas prices spike in Ohio, other Midwestern states

Gas prices spike in Ohio, other Midwestern states

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drivers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois are watching their gas prices rise at an alarming rate with little explanation.

Some experts believe the prices could continue to rise to their highest point since 2015. GasBuddy says the rise is due to Hurricane Harvey.

Though the storm struck in August, necessary maintenance and an oil leak in the Explorer Pipeline, a major pipeline hit by the hurricane, severely affected oil production in Texas. As a result, wholesale prices rose by nearly 50 cents per gallon.

GasBuddy forecasts prices could rise as high as $2.89 in Ohio and $2.99 in Michigan.

GasBuddy says gas prices will eventually drop once the leak in the Explorer Pipeline is repaired. Though relief will not be immediate, as the flow of gasoline has to return to normal.

They say refinery maintenance will still cause gas prices to be relatively high.

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