Text messages show man accused of killing wife discovered she had abortion

Text messages show man accused of killing wife discovered she had abortion

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The fate of a man accused of murdering his wife is now in the hands of a Lucas County jury.

Terry Campbell faces two charges of aggravated murder, one count of murder and aggravated burglary. The defense admits Terry murdered his wife, but says that it was in an act of rage and therefore not aggravated murder.

Terry Campbell decided not to take the stand on a day that unearthed a big development in his trial.

The jury learned about thousands of text messages between Campbell and his wife Cora, who he is accused of murdering.

Text messages between the two show Campbell was upset that his wife was pregnant with a child who was possibly not his.

Campbell expressed anger in the messages that Cora had an abortion and was possibly unfaithful.

"He really lost it," said Meira Zukcker, Terry's attorney. "He didn't plan for this to happen. He wishes he could turn back time."

Several of the messages show Campbell saying that he wanted Cora to die because of this.

"This isn't a spontaneous killing, when you post on Facebook prior to the murder a lengthy tirade against your estranged wife accusing her of an affair that ends with 'M-F murder [!] exclamation point,'" prosecutor Charles McDonald said. "It is not a spontaneous act when you do go in fact murder her three days later."

A handwritten letter by Campbell was also submitted for evidence. The letter showed Campbell's anger with Cora and the decisions she had made.

The state used the letter and the messages to show the jury that Campbell threatened Cora's life.

Following closing statements Wednesday afternoon, the jury was released from the courtroom to deliberate.

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