Firefighters get into the Halloween fun

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - It's a night where all the ghosts and goblins come out to play and a night where dinosaurs, superheroes and princesses can get bags full of candy.

It's Halloween, but kids in Washington Township got a special treat while going door-to-door.

Like a normal day, Washington Township firefighters suited up to head out from the station. Only they weren't headed out to a fire Tuesday. No, they were headed to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Kids gave it a rave review.

"Was it exciting?" asked Katie Bolles to her son.

Connor screamed, "YEAH," immediately.

Firefighters said they love the tradition just as much as the kids do.

"When we show up generally in a firetruck it is because somebody is having the worst day of their life," said Robert Priebe, a Washington Township Firefighter and EMT. "We like to get out there and get the fire truck out there when people are having the best days of their lives too so they get to see that it's not a scary thing."

Two crews parted ways at the fire station and went into neighborhoods throughout the township. With the lights and sirens on, kids would come running for candy excited to see them.

"It' feels great that they care and that they are willing to do that," said Marissa Matchinski, a resident of Washington Township trick-or-treating with Spiderman also known as Sebastian.

"Yeah that's awesome that they come out and they support the kids having a good safe time out in the neighborhood," added Katie Bolles. She trick-or-treating with her son Connor or Iron Man.

Firefighters would park on a road and even walk to trick-or-treaters giving handfuls of candy before hoping back in their rig meet other kids. While they love the interaction with the public they said it's all about safety. That's why they also work with the police department to check candy on Halloween at the fire station too.

"Everything that we do is safety minded," said Priebe. "That way, parents can make sure that there's nothing wrong with their kids candy."

With all the spooky things Halloween can bring, families said it's nice to know their fire department cares and is looking out for their kids.

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