Northwest Ohio road construction wrap-up series part 1 of 2: State Highways

Northwest Ohio road construction wrap-up series part 1 of 2: State Highways

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As the weather is getting colder, we are set to see less and less orange barrels on the roads.

In the 2017 construction year, ODOT District 2 had 124 major road projects as well as maintenance projects to work on to keep current roads safe. ODOT spent $323,000,000 on Northwest Ohio projects alone, something they consider a great investment for our area.

"A lot of our projects are wrapping up. We've obviously had a lot of construction in the area in recent years. So this year has kind of been monumental because we've been wrapping up a lot of those loose ends. Like I said, we have a couple projects that are ongoing. I-75, Indiana Overpass, we've got the Port Clinton Lift Bridge, but most of our major projects are going to be complete before Christmas," said  Rebecca Dangelo, the Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2.

As far as long term multi-year projects, they finished the I-75 corridor from Perrysburg down to Findlay.

I-75 is now open to three lanes in both directions. In addition, the northern part of I-75 through Toledo from Lagrange to I-280 is also open to three lanes in either direction. However, there will still be barrier walls and changing traffic patterns there in the coming months.

"If it gets snowy and icy, just slow down, you know, pay attention to what's going on around you. If you see barrels especially, make sure you're slowing down for the construction zones during the winter as well. And if you see our snow plows out there just make sure you give them room to operate. They do drive at a slower speed, so we just need to make sure that we're not tailgating them and also pass them safely," said Dangelo.

Looking ahead, ODOT has already begun a total revitalization on the Port Clinton Lift Bridge, one of the few left in the state.

Work for that project will begin in the construction off-season tourism isn't impacted.

They've got a jump start on the Indiana overpass headed into downtown. The overpass needed more immediate attention since it is a part of the larger I-75 project which is scheduled to be finished in 2019.

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