Coroner testifies in trial against man accused of killing wife

Coroner testifies in trial against man accused of killing wife

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The trial against a man accused of killing his wife continued Tuesday with more testimony recounted how the woman died.

Witnesses testified Cora Campbell was shot eight times with bullets from two guns. Prosecutors say Terry Campbell pulled the trigger.

Among the witnesses was the coroner who did the autopsy, who described the shot that killed Cora.

"[She would have lived] several minutes, but not more than that," deputy coroner Dr. Cynthia Beisser said. "She had a shot through the heart, which would not be immediately fatal, but fatal within several minutes."

The jury saw several autopsy pictures showing each bullet wound on Cora's body. The pictures revealed she was shot twice through the chest, neck and limbs.

The defense asked the coroner if Cora was wearing a wedding ring.  Dr Beisser confirmed a ring on Cora's left hand. The defense made the point that Terry and Cora were still married at the time of Cora's death and not estranged.

The defense once again asking questions like this to prove the despite what the prosecution says - Terry and Cora were still married and not estranged.

Family from both sides of the trial were at Tuesday's trial. They were given the option to leave during the coroner's testimony and during the 911 call. However, both parties decided to stay and listen.

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