Trial against man accused of domestic violence murder begins

Trial against man accused of domestic violence murder begins

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Monday marked the beginning of a trial that has has been a long time coming for the family of a mother who police say was murdered by her former lover.

Police say Terry Campbell shot and killed his wife Cora Corbin in December of 2016 before beginning a standoff with Toledo police.

After jury selection, both sides offered opening statements.

The state said they intended to prove Campbell planned out Corbin's murder after she asked for a divorce.

Meanwhile, the defense conceded Campbell did shoot Corbin, but the murder was not planned. Instead, the said it was part of a spontaneous series of events.

The prosecution played a 911 call that recounted the final harrowing moments of Cora Corbin as she desperately pleaded for help that would never come.

Shortly afterward, Corbin's father John took the stand. He confirmed to the jury the voices heard on the 911 call were that of his daughter and Terry Campbell.

He also recounted the crime scene he encountered when he arrived at his daughter's home. During his testimony, John Corbin said he wiped his daughter's blood from the kitchen floor so his wife would not have to see.

"I sat down and I found a towel," John Corbin remembered. "And I wiped up all the blood, and I placed it in the sink. And I cried. There was a lot of glass on the floor."

The prosecution plans to call more witnesses to the stand on Tuesday.

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