Bowling Green fourth graders endure 'Bobcat Math Invasion 2017'

Bowling Green fourth graders endure 'Bobcat Math Invasion 2017'

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Fourth grade students in the Bowling Green School District were surrounded by all things math Monday for "Bobcat Math Invasion 2017."

The hope is that the "invasion" gets students excited about math and are encouraged to use it in daily activities.

Dr. Sylvia Dean and the PerenniaMath team from Huntsville, Alabama were able to experience the invasion as well.

"This is the grade where math is a little bit harder for them. New concepts, new foundations. So we wanted to provide a fun day for them, to learn about math in many different ways," Laura Weaver, with gifted intervention in the school district.

More than 225 students participated in math competitions and interactive activities that taught students about a number of math concepts.

Every student received a t-shirt and participation certificate for attending.

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