Bowling Green curling center opens

Bowling Green curling center opens

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - You might say the Bowling Green Curling Center really rocks!

Club members just moved from the BGSU Ice Arena to what was formerly a furniture store along Dixie Highway. There are four sheets of curling ice.

Teams push a 42-pound granite rock along a 125-foot stretch of ice into a circle, also known as a house. You score a point if your rock isn't knocked aside by an opponent.

"It's good to have good eye hand coordination and be flexible," curler Brittany Rivera said.

A curling tournament is called a 'Bon Spiel.'

The one Sunday attracted women from across the Midwest nicknamed 'Jam N' Glam.'

There is such a thing as curling etiquette. Trash talk is not allowed and you cannot slam your broom in anger over a missed point.

"I like the camaraderie,"  Diana Jankowski said. "Playing with these wonderful ladies. Become lifelong friends."

"It's a lifelong sport," Dawn Brauninger added. "Oldest member in our club was over ninety years old."

Curling is growing in popularity even though there are not many centers around the world. The closest ones to Bowling Green. are in Columbus and Detroit.

"You can become a social member if you don't want to curl," Jen Merz of the club said. "If you want to curl you can join the club, join the league. We have a newbie league for beginners next week."

Membership fees vary. For information, follow this link.

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