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Put down guns, stop the violence the message of group of Toledoans on Friday

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They came Friday night to the Southern Missionary Baptist Church in central Toledo to stop the violence.

Pastor Roger Carson has been touched personally by murder.

When he was eleven years old, his mom Adrian was strangled on the way home from her own birthday party.

“The original victim is not the only victim. The families are involved as well," said Pastor Carson.

Andre Autman organized the event because he understands how mean the streets of Toledo can be.

Two years ago, his dad Isaac King was slayed while getting out of his car.

The killer is still on the loose.

“I ain’t one of the ones who wants to go out and get revenge. I put it in the Lord’s hands now and let him deal with it. Just trying to teach everybody guns not good for people,” said Mr. Autman.

Folks at the church agree what is good for kids begins at home.

Parents should encourage them to go to school, study, graduate and much more.

“Have more activities for the kids in our community. Keep them off the streets by doing something positive with them,” said Mr. Autman.

At a meeting like this they hope it's a step in the right direction to stop the violence.

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