Call 11 for Action: West Toledo neighborhood dealing with rat problem

Call 11 for Action: West Toledo neighborhood dealing with rat problem

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a weekly process for Robert Miller.

Unloading a bucket of rat poison into a bait trap.

The west Toledoan recently pulled several dead rats from under his porch and, he says, dozens more roam his yard and neighborhood.

"If you look in here you can see where there has been activity," said Robert, pointing to a spot under his porch.

Miller says the rats have been especially active over the last 2 months.

He says the rodents have invaded the yards of both his home and his neighbors.

Miller's home sits in the four-thousand block of Ariel in west Toledo.

"You know I can put up with the squirrels the raccoons and stuff like that," said Miller

He says the rats have got to go.

"It was a regular Norway Rat about 6 or 7 inches long and a little smaller than a Banana," said Miller.

What's attracting the nasty rodents is unknown.

There are not any vacant homes in the area and there is no construction happening nearby.

Miller's only thought is the creek that runs behind his home.

"The man over there thinks most of the activity is coming from the creek. He's probably right but I'm not an expert," said Miller.

The Lucas County Health Department has several reports on the issue on file, but told WTOL the same thing they told Mr. Miller.

The Health Department does not bait private homes, just public areas such as alleys and sewers.

So, for now Mr. Miller is going to continue to use his bait trap with the hopes of ridding his yard of the nasty problem.

If you're having a rat problem the Health Department has some helpful tips.

They say you should stop feeding animals like squirrels, feed your pets inside and keep your garages and sheds clear of clutter.

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