ODOT gets ready for winter weather

ODOT gets ready for winter weather

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - With it getting colder outside, Lucas County authorities are saying they are ready to go in case winter weather strikes early.

If it does end up being a more intense winter their barn could easily be refilled if the need arises.

Up until this past summer, the barn that houses the road salt at the Northwood Outpost was the largest in the state of Ohio.

Crews also have access to aqua saline, brine, and calcium that is kept in refillable tanks on the property. Some of those chemical mixes are actually formulated at the facility.

Lucas County also sells the liquid de-icers to local schools and municipalities at a cost. It is a valuable service for ODOT to share these resources fairly and go above and beyond to help keep everyone safe.

"We can hold about nine thousand tons out there. Right now I think I've got about eighty eight hundred tons. In an average winter, we'll empty that barn once a year. If it's a really bad winter, we can empty that barn twice or more a year," said Matt Harvey, ODOT Transportation Manager for the Northwood Outpost.

All of the equipment is in place and ready to be checked by Ohio state mechanics.

Every year, mechanics come from all over the region to make sure that each and every piece of equipment is meticulously combed over before being put out on the roads.

ODOT's ready-to-hire seasonal employees need to complete their fleet over the next month.

Many year-round ODOT employees started off their careers as seasonal hires. The state does not contract out any work. In the case of major storms if the workload becomes too great, ODOT employees will come from other districts to help clear the roads.

"We like looking to our seasonals because we look at it as a thousand hour interview. As full time positions come available, we always look at our seasonal employees because we already know what we have. Getting a seasonal job at ODOT is a great thing, but you don't have to have it in order to gain full time employment," Harvey said.

ODOT is ready for the snow, all they need now is workers. Anyone interested in applying can do so here.

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