Man terrorizing local attorneys will spend time behind bars

Man terrorizing local attorneys will spend time behind bars

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A man accused of terrorizing attorneys in downtown Toledo is now behind bars.

Police said Curtis Quinn was targeting attorneys by breaking into countless law offices over and over for well over a month. Many times it was done through roof hatches on the top of tall buildings. Other times it was by busting out the mail slot and reaching to unlock the door.

Quinn hit some offices more than others leaving behind damaged doors and windows. He often rifted through thick files but only would get away with laptops and tablets.

"We're a small community and word spread quickly about this perpetrator but he was misguided because attorneys don't keep stashes of cash, so yes it spread quickly," said Richard Karcher, an attorney in Toledo.

TPD did post a picture of Quinn on their Facebook page which may have helped stopped his crime spree.

Police said Quinn was arrested after being recognized and caught in the act of another crime.

Quinn has been charged with at least 4 felonies so far, but it is a possibility that more are coming.

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