Anthony Wayne Trail, downtown exit officially back open

Anthony Wayne Trail, downtown exit officially back open

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One of Toledo's biggest traffic headaches in the last year finally came to an end.

Crews finished the final layer of repaving the main two lanes last night. There is still some finish work to do that leaves the third lane temporarily closed, but with any luck the entire roadway will be drivable by the second week of November.

"Right now we still have one lane restricted. There is some work that we have to do further to the south of the Trail. We need to finish that up, and do some paving before we can open the lanes," Doug Stephens, Administrator for the city's Division of Engineering Services, said. "We also are dealing with one little piece of pavement on the north end of the project that we have to finish up after a water leak repair is done."

Small snags including weather and utility problems caused the project to go on a little bit longer than expected.

In order to lay the remainder of the pavement, the existing lower levels of pavement has to be dry and above 50 degrees. Workers are on site are trying to get this work completed on time.

"We're now out there doing the paving south of Erie Street and Lafayette. We're paving the final touches on the incoming approach of the new alignment for the Anthony Wayne Trail and we're also paving Erie Street south of the intersection," Stephens said. "[We're] trying to get all of that ready so that we can fully open Erie and the Anthony Wayne Trail to the new alignment."

The trail has certainly been busy all day since drivers have been able to use it again. ODOT advises drivers to use caution when traveling through the area as drivers adjust to the new traffic pattern.

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