BG Ballot Issue wants to amend city charter

BG Ballot Issue wants to amend city charter

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - A ballot issue in Bowling Green would amend the city's charter and possibly effect the construction of the Nexus pipeline.

The amendment will add language to Article 1, Section 1.05 of the city charter.

Lisa Kochheiser, with the Ohio Community Rights Network, who helped get the issue on the ballot, called it a community bill of rights.

Section "A" of the amendment would prohibit any new infrastructure for fossil fuel transportation from being built in the city, or on property owned by the city. She said if passed, it would effect the Nexus pipeline construction plans because currently the pipeline is slated to be built in a farm field owned by BG.

"We believe that people should have the right to chose whether or not a harmful project comes through and effects their lives, our lives and our children and our grandchildren. You know, this isn't just about us, this is about future generations,"said Kochheiser.

But local elected officials are worried about the rest of the amendment.

The language would allow BG residents who feel the local government hasn't protected their environmental rights to be allowed to enforce their rights with nonviolent direct force. And those protesters would not be able to be arrested by local police.

Read the entire Bowling Green Charter amendment ballot issue here.

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