Man accused of killing wife asks for trial to be delayed

Man accused of killing wife asks for trial to be delayed

He's accused of breaking into his estranged wife's home, shooting and killing her and then keeping police away for hours.

On Tuesday, just days before Terry Campbell's trial was set to begin, his attorney requested to get the trial moved back.

The defense said they need more time to review surveillance video from the Campbell's house. the judge did not seem convinced this was a legitimate reason to put the trial on hold. The state called a witness to the stand to help in the judge's decision.

Campbell's attorney explained the surveillance video from the couple's home was difficult to view and they were requesting the video be formatted so it was easier to watch.

They are trying to prove Campbell did not break into the home and also that a robot thrown into the home by Toledo Police SWAT, contributed to Cora Campbell's death.

The state called a member of the SWAT team to the stand to testify. 
The witness testified that the pictures the robot captured showed the victim was dead before the robot landed on Cora Campbell's body.

"I saw legs knees and feet They were not moving it was black and white but they were not moving," said Officer William Shaner with TPD SWAT.

The honorable Dean Mandros determined there would be no benefit to reformatting the video.

The jury selection will go on as planned and will begin Monday morning.

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