Pups Paradise to reopen Friday after canine flu outbreak

Pups Paradise to reopen Friday after canine flu outbreak

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After temporarily closing due to a canine flu outbreak on Monday, Pups Paradise is preparing to reopen for business this Friday.

Pups Paradise said that there are no short-cuts in being completely safe for their client's pets. So before taking dogs back in, a couple client requirements and thorough cleanings must take place.

All dogs must be vaccinated for canine influenza strain H3N2 and the dog must wait three weeks from the second booster to return for all services. That strain is the confirmed strain in Toledo.

The H3N8 vaccination is only recommended at the time.

Some vets in the area are offering a combination vaccine for both strains.  Any dog showing flu-like symptoms must wait two weeks until clinical signs have stopped, to get booster.

And on Tuesday and Wednesday, members apart of Pups Paradise will be cleaning both facilities that follow vet recommendations.

All surfaces will be bleached repeatedly and will be sprayed down with Husky 890, a veterinary disinfectant cleaner used by West Suburban and Sylvania Vet.

All ventilation systems will be shut down during cleaning. The air filters will then be changed. All bowls, balls, towels etc. will be disinfected too.

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