City Council considering more than $3 million for parks, pools and roads

City Council considering more than $3 million for parks, pools and roads

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - More than $3 million is being proposed by Toledo City Council to improve city parks, pools and roadways.

This money has been transferred back to the Capital Improvement Fund after being moved to the General Fund.

"We need improvements. I've sat here numerous times hearing about what are we going to do with the swimming pool," said Councilwoman Yvonne Harper.

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb, the one behind the project, said this would change the struggle getting the funds to open the pools every summer.

"There is no question, according to the administration, that without these significant structural investments in the pools, there is no way the pools will open," said Lindsay Webb.

Navarre and Willys Park pools would both get funding. Navarre Pool would get a new liner, plumbing and filtration equipment replacement and steel support beams. Willys Pool would invest in a new filtration system, piping and fittings

Three different city parks would get improvements as well.

Friendship Park would invest in a loop path, basketball court, play area, trees and parking lot. Wilson Park, a loop path, parking lot, wood bollards, sidewalks, trees and A/C for shelterhouse. Bowman Park,, parking lot and sidewalks reconstruct pavement base and TMACOG gr ant to pave Chessie Circle Trail with kiosk at trailhead

Here are the roads on the list:

  • Reconstruct Midlawn Dr.
  • Reconstruct Southlawn Dr.
  • Waverly from Avondale to Dorr Street
  • 900 block of Oakwood Avenue
  • 1300/1400 block of Elmwood
  • Oakwood from Shenandoah to Upton

This also includes creating side street parking at the 4300 block of Monroe Street and redoing the walkway near at the Docks.

Webb said this list comes from working with the Mayor and other city council members about what needs the most repair.

"We need to make these repairs. We have been dying for infrastructure investments in our parks so this is really an opportunity for us to do that," said Webb.

Not all council members were on board though. Peter Ujvagi said they should wait until they get the budget from the Mayor next month and make this a bigger project.

Larry Sykes said they should use it to stop violence and make a police substation near the parks.

Other council members said more things like this should happen.

"We always have the power to put projects like this into the budget," said Sandy Spang.

Webb said for some of these projects, they've been waiting 10 years to find funding. In the meantime, Woodward High School has been torn down and rebuilt near Wilson Park.

"Their new athletic field has been placed next to it but there has been no improvements to the city park immediately adjacent to a major investment by TPS. So we are basically trying to leverage these dollars to move neighborhood projects forward", said Webb.

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