BG Mayor wants clearer timeline of Nexus pipeline

BG Mayor wants clearer timeline of Nexus pipeline

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - After years of debate and investigations, work on the nexus pipeline could begin soon. But one local community is not happy with the announcement.

Earlier this month a Nexus Pipeline manager sent out a letter saying, "They intend to commence construction activities along the construction corridor in the near future."

But Richard Edwards, the mayor of Bowling Green wants to have a more definitive timeline.

"I'm not a big big fan of more and more pipelines, but also as a political scientist I'm realistic about the Federal Government and the authority of that. We've seen it throughout the country and so forth, the city of Bowling Green can not tell the government how to do this," said Edwards.

Since the announcement of the Nexus Pipeline, the city of Bowling Green has been one of the most vocal communities against it's construction.

And now that work could begin soon, Mayor Edwards wants a clearer window of when work could begin. So he responded to Nexus's letter with a letter of his own, saying he was working with multiple agencies to monitor the construction process.

"We will be watching it very, very closely along with federal personnel from FERC, and especially the people from the Ohio environmental protection agency, the EPA, " said Edwards.

The $2 billion natural gas pipeline will run 255 miles from Pennsylvania, through Ohio and into southern Michigan.

But Edwards' highest worry is that the pipeline will come within 700 feet of the city's Water Treatment Plant, and he wants to know all details involving the construction process around the vital city utility.

"The environment is something that's long been important to this community, and we're trying to do the best we possibly can to protect our environment, and especially our water treatment plant," Edwards said.

Mayor Edwards also said he is worried about some of the language in the upcoming city charter amendment ballot measure.

He adds that he would like all Bowling Green neighbors to read the entire Bowling Green Climate Protectors issue before voting .

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