Domestic Violence round up arrests nearly 100 violent offenders

Domestic Violence round up arrests nearly 100 violent offenders

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a crime that touches thousands in the area and it's a crime our local law enforcement officers don't tolerate.

There are nearly 100 violent offenders who were wanted for beating up a loved one and finally arrested as part of the Domestic Violence round up. These arrests now give their victims  a chance to heal and put their lives back together.

The round up happens every October as a part of Domestic Violence awareness month.

Close to 50 law enforcement officers from 18 different agencies teamed up to find those in hiding and wanted for domestic violence.

"Those women are sitting across from me and they are terrified. They are terrified and being able to tell them they are arrested behind bars and the bond was set high gives them relief," said Denise Boyer at the Domestic Violence resource center.

In this year's round up, about 99 arrests were made. Advancements in technology are making cases easier for police officers to build. Body cam footage, medical records and pictures help to paint the picture of the crime committed..

"We're kind of putting the pieces of the pie together. The 911 call all the way through the arrest so we have a more complete package to give the court system so it all flows," said Detective Mary Jo Jagger with TPD.

While the criminal case is put together, the victim gets help from advocates and organizations who know what victims need.

"Last year, 5,123 police reports were generated and last year 5,123 victims were at least reached out to through a phone call or pamphlet packets through advocates. So we are not trying to not get them help. It's a tough process," said Detective Jagger.

Though the round up is over, the work is never done. There are still over 100 men and women still wanted that weren't picked up during the round up.

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