BBB warns of student debt relief scams

(Source: AP Images)
(Source: AP Images)

(WTOL) - For a lot of people, student loans aren't something that can be paid back quickly.

The BBB warns you not to get farther behind by falling into student debt relief scams.

Currently, 42 million people are making payments on their student loans, owing more than $1.4 trillion dollars.

These people are targets of scammers who claim they can reduce or eliminate their debt. Scammers have stolen more than $95 million from people who believed their promises, but never got any student loan relief.

If you are struggling with a student loan and see advertising promising they can reduce your debt, the BBB says to never pay advance fees. These fees can sometimes costs thousands of dollars.

These scammers also claim to be connected with a government agency, with official-looking seals on their websites and government brown envelopes.

The BBB says never give out your FSA ID number to promoters who say they can give you fast relief for your student loans.

If you need help with your loans, you can apply for loan deferments, forbearance, repayment and forgiveness or discharge programs through the U.S Department of Education or your loan servicer at no cost.

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