Witness to testify against former officer found dead

Witness to testify against former officer found dead
Michael E. Moore (Source: Toledo Police)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A witness set to testify in the trial of a former Toledo Police Officer has been found dead.

It was less then a month ago that Arnecya Talley Moore was offered a plea deal in her case. In return she agreed to testify in the Michael Moore trial.

But now she is dead and prosecutors are preparing to still go to the trial without her help.

Just a day after Moore accepted a plea deal and was released from jail with an ankle monitor, she was found dead. Police believe she overdosed on drugs.

Prior to her death, Moore told the judge she met Officer Moore and built a professional relationship with him while he worked in the undercover drug unit for TPD. After some time, she said she arranged for Officer Moore to have sex for cash with a teen girl on multiple occasions.

Moore was a witness the prosecution was relying on in their case. -

Prosecution said they will move forward and still be able to prove Michael Moore is guilty with other evidence and witnesses in the case.

There have been several delays in this case, though the death of this witness is not one. The trial is not expected to move forward until early 2018.

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