Officers justified in using deadly force in Tiffin shooting

Officers justified in using deadly force in Tiffin shooting

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - Officers involved in a fatal shooting earlier this year might've received some closure Monday.

Seneca County Prosecuting Attorney Derek DeVine announced the review of the shooting was finished with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in a press release.

"Based upon our review of all of the evidence, we have concluded that the responding officers conducted themselves well within the law and that they were justified in using deadly force," said DeVine.

Back in May, A Seneca County Sheriff's Deputy and Tiffin Police officers responded to a 911 call on Tecumseh Drive.

When they arrived, 34-year-old Scott Bloomfield was seen outside of the home of 25-year-old Johnny Reino. Bloomfield had just stabbed Reino after threatening his ex wife.

After officers confronted Bloomfield, he fired with a hunting rifle, hitting Sheriff's deputy Luke Cantu in the shoulder.

Tiffin PD returned fire, eventually hitting Bloomfield in the neck. Bloomfield died from his injuries.

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