TPD justifies officer reaction in video of Zombie Crawl incident

TPD justifies officer reaction in video of Zombie Crawl incident
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Many who have a Facebook and live in Toledo are voicing their opinions about a video that shows a fight between a Toledo officer and a woman at the Zombie Crawl in downtown.

Some feel the officer should not have hit the woman back. TPD also watched the video along with other cell phone videos of the incident and determined the officer acted according to TPD's policy.

The video was captured outside Bretz Saturday night as 1,700 people filled the streets for the Zombie Crawl.

"When you have a large crowd of people and they are consuming alcohol you are going to have incidents. And we had one of an officer trying to break up a fight and then being punched in the face," said TPD Captain Joe Heffernan.

TPD said Officer Goetz tried arresting Linda Cargill. But as she continued to resist, he struck her and then pulled for his taser.

"She was very resistant all the way up until the end. So it appears he acted within policy, but any time a police officer uses any kind of force, we will out a response to resistance form and several supervisors review the incident," said Heffernan.

Officer Goetz was cut on his face from being hit. Cargil was taken to St. Vincent's after being tased and she then was released.

While there are several cell phone videos of the fight circulating on social media, there is no body cam video from the officer involved.

That officer was one of 40 off duty officers working security at the Zombie Crawl. TPD said duty officers do not wear body cams since they are working on their own time.

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