Domestic abuse training available for Hancock County businesses

Domestic abuse training available for Hancock County businesses

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Businesses and employers in Hancock County now have a way to educate their employees in looking for signs of domestic abuse.

Open Arms has acted as the only domestic violence and rape crisis services office in Hancock County since 1981. Last year they served 9,702 individuals.

This week they announced a new program called "See the Signs and Speak Out."

The program is a one hour free training session where experts will visit places of work and teach employees how to identify signs of sexual violence or domestic abuse among their coworkers or customers.

The hope is by casting a wider net, more people who need help can be identified and get connected to Open Arms.

"It's really important that the community understands what domestic violence is, and that we understand how to help people. And the more places we can get into and educate people, the better off our community is and know what resources are available, so we can ultimately end domestic violence and help people that are going through it," said Ashley Ritz, Executive Director of Open Arms.

Open Arms will also be holding twp "Cut It Out" classes, where they teach salon professionals how to identify and fight domestic abuse. The classes are schedule for on October 27 and November 6.

Registering for "Cut it Out" classes can be done here.

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