Breaking down Toledo Mayoral race 2017

Breaking down Toledo Mayoral race 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two democrats are running against each other in Toledo's Mayoral race.

Incumbent Paula Hicks-Hudson is endorsed by the party, while Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz has gotten endorsements from groups like Toledo Police and Fire.

Hicks-Hudson beat Kapszukiewicz by a little more than 1,000 votes in the primary.

Wade Kapszukiewicz has been the county treasurer for 12 years, after serving on Toledo City Council. He started the Lucas County land bank to fight blight in our community while as treasurer.

Paula Hicks-Hudson took over as Mayor in February of 2015 after Mayor Collins passed away. Before that, she was president of Toledo City Council.

She believes Toledo is working under her leadership and started Engage Toledo, to make it easier for neighbors to let the city know about issues.

Both candidates have put major focus on the city's roads.

Hicks-Hudson has been promoting her residential road paving program, while Kapszukiewicz said it needs to be more of a priority than it is right now.

Ans as far as crime, many citizens have shared their concerns about violence in the Glass City.

The US Department of Justice considers the amount of officers Toledo has on the streets as dangerously low.

Hicks-Hudson moved up a police class to get more officers on the streets and Kapszukiewicz has plans to add 15 officers a year.

Questions have also been raised about the city's finances, following the misplacement of the $8.2 million.

Hicks-Hudson said she inherited the budget issues and she's been actively working to get everything back on track. Kapszukiewicz said he thinks his experience dealing with the county's money will translate.

Toledo faced a water crisis in 2014 and since then, a huge focus has been put on Lake Erie.

From the beginning, Wade has supported asking for an impaired designation for the lake. Hicks-Hudson was against contacting the state and federal governments for impairment until about a month ago. Before, she said it was more of a political issue.

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