Mayor confirms the end to harmful algal bloom season

Mayor confirms the end to harmful algal bloom season

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson officially announced the end to the 2017 harmful algal bloom season on Monday.

For nine days in a row, readings at the intake crib in Lake Erie have been non-detectable and the water temperature has been dropping below 62 degrees.

With those conditions, along with boat monitoring almost done and the cold weather expected, scientists said whatever bad algae that may be left, will be killed off.

An algae expert from the University of Toledo confirmed the end of season a day prior.

"Right now it's dying and it's moving at the same time. And if you look at the satellite photos, you can see there's this area many miles off shore where there's still a mass of algae. But it has moved away from the shoreline. It's moved away from any population, so it's on its way out," said Doctor Tim Bridgeman from UT.

Even with the concern mostly over, the Mayor's office said water treatment chemists will continue daily sampling for toxic microcystin.

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