'Racing for Recovery' helping to change lives of addicts

'Racing for Recovery' helping to change lives of addicts

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - It's a celebration of sobriety. Racing for Recovery in Sylvania.

It's the 16th year for the race.

Racing for Recovery began when Todd Crandell found his path out of addiction.

"I am blessed to have survived a 13 year drug and alcohol addiction," said Crandell. "I just wanted to give back everything that I was graciously given and help other substance abusers and their families that recovery is possible."

Racing for Recovery is a non-profit organization focused on helping people like Jake Empey who struggled with substance abuse.

After facing many years of his addiction Jake was connected with Todd and Racing for Recovery where he says his life was changed.

"I opened up, and that's what Todd does. He let's people be comfortable and he is willing to listen," said Jake.

Racing for Recovery has individual or family counseling, drug and alcohol assessments, and educational groups to help those with substance abuse.

"I ended up going to that Thursday night meeting and then a couple days after that I ended up knowing I needed help because I didn't want to self-destruct anymore," said Jake. Ever since that day I have been clean ever since and it's all because of Racing for Recovery."

Jake says for those looking to find help should get out of their comfort-zone and try something new because you're not alone in this world and there are many people wanting to help you.

"They gave me my life back and I can't thank them enough. That's why I'm out doing as much as I can for them because without them I wouldn't be here today."

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