Mock crash drives home importance of not drinking and driving

Mock crash drives home importance of not drinking and driving
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Don't drink and drive. It's an age-old message, but still relevant today.

Students at BGSU got to experience just what could happen if they get behind the wheel after drinking.

The images from BGSU's mock crash on Friday may seem graphic, but that's the point.

During the simulated incident students at BGSU could see the consequences of drunk driving in a very real way.

In the mock crash two cars collided, one actor was pronounced dead and two seriously injured because the driver, another actor, was intoxicated.

"It was actually really scary because everything felt really real like getting handcuffed, getting questioned by the cops, taking a field sobriety test," explained Cecily Stewart, who played the drunk driver for the fake car accident. "But it was very real, just the whole situation."

Students watched on as, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Bowling Green Fire, and EMS came, even cutting the actors from the crashed car.

After that, you could hear fire call Mercy Health Life Fight and then they landed to take away the victims during the mock crash.

Finally, they watched as one of their friends, an actor, was packed into a body bag and taken off in a hearse.

"It was very difficult to watch I wasn't expecting to be as emotional as I actually was," said Bailee Jesse, BGSU student and a member of Delta Zeta. "Just realizing that that could really happen to anyone. I could be home tonight and the same thing could happen even with myself not drinking."

Safe Communities of Wood County worked with the sorority Delta Zeta for the culmination of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. Their goal? To make sure students never consider it an option to drink and drive.

"On an average, people drive 80 times before they are arrested, or caught, or crash and we want to get you before those 80 times because there's no reason to drive drunk," said Sandy Wiechman, Safe Communities of Wood County Coordinator.

Students say this vivid and raw experience will not only reinforce to not get behind the wheel under the influence, but to speak out against others doing so too.

"You can always call someone to come and pick you up because you should not be drinking and driving," said Bailee Jesse. "Because things like this can happen and your life and other people's lives are worth much more than that."

Cecily Stewart agreed.

"Today definitely did change my perspective from being in it and watching it from my vantage point," said Cecily Stewart. "It's very real and it's very much changes your point of stopping other people from drunk driving, not getting in a car with drunk drivers and definitely not drunk driving."

Organizers say they are so many options for those who are drinking to get an alternative ride home safely and that's what they want to remind students not just this week, but every week.

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