Perrysburg seniors skip class to volunteer in the community

Perrysburg seniors skip class to volunteer in the community

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Perrysburg High School rolled out a new program this year that has an impact on both the students and those the students serve.

"It's definitely an experience to be with little kids," said senior Parker McManus. "They are crazy but I like that."

McManus and Grace Crisenbery is helping students at Hull Prairie Intermediate with a time capsule project.

"Today is all about giving back to the community," Crisenbery said. "We're in school all day, and they gave us an opportunity to get into the community since its our last year. They are letting us experience new things."

Perrysburg High School students came up with the idea of a day of volunteering. The district did their part in helping the students get out in the community to help.

Another sites where students volunteered was Tent City.

"Sometimes people just need a smile," senior Noel Blewit said. "And we are here to do that. Some of these people don't get visits, so hopefully we can make them happy."

Perrysburg High School says they would like this day of volunteering to become a senior tradition for years to come.

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