TPD officially suits up with new body cams

TPD officially suits up with new body cams

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police chief George Kral was waiting for the next generation of body cameras to be released so his officers could be equipped with the latest and greatest technology.

The company continued to delay the release date, so Chief Kral decided he couldn't wait any longer to have all officers equipped with body cameras.

The department has a handful of body cameras that only select second-shift officers could wear.

Now, 304 cameras are in service on the chests or shoulders of all Toledo officers patrolling the streets.

"It gives a view of everything that transpired at that call and traffic stop," Officer Don Bryan said. "Whatever that is, it give us an unbiased picture of everything we have done."

The chief said these cameras will assist with his mission of transparency and holding the officers accountable.

"It's going to be a win-win for both the officers and the citizens because now we're going to have a fully recorded interaction, whether it be a traffic stop or a suspect stop or investigating a crime. So there's not gray area anymore that we only saw half of the video that was done on a cell phone," Chief Kral said. "We're able now to integrate cell phone video, dash cam video and interrogation room video for a complete package to hand over to prosecutors trying cases."

The department purchased the cameras at $500 a piece. They were paid for with grant money and from funds out of the capital improvement fund.

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