More than a dozen arrested in domestic violence sweep

More than a dozen arrested in domestic violence sweep

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police, along with other area law enforcement agencies, arrested more than a dozen people Thursday wanted for violent crimes in the 19th annual Domestic Violence Sweep.

More than 50 officers from 16 different agencies teamed up for the sweep. The officers split into separate teams for the round up.

Team 2 included three members of the Lucas County Sheriff's Office and two members of the Oregon Police Department. They, along with the other teams, helped arrest 20 people wanted for felonious assault, domestic violence and assault.

The teams relied on those living at the homes where those wanted for crimes were known to have lived. In the case of Team 2, their first three hours were frustrated with no leads.

Officers asked around to try to get leads in their case. The officers found out their suspect worked at an appliance store, but when they arrived, there was no sign of the suspect.

One of the workers in the store called the suspect and the suspect told officers he would meet them at the store, but he never showed.

"I was pretty sure he wasn't going to show up," Oregon police officer Mike Potter said. "But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and he didn't show up, which is what we expected."

After striking out on their first suspect, they moved on to the next. But after eight hours, Team 2 was not able to make any arrests.

"Sometimes you get good luck. Sometimes you get these," Officer Potter said. "They don't give us a good address because they don't want us to find them. So we go and verify and this is what we end up with."

However, other teams did make arrests all over the area.

Officers believe their motivation, even on tough days, is the knowledge that they are helping victims get out of violent relationships.

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