Athlete of the Week: Kyleigh Dull

KANSAS, OH (WTOL) - Kyleigh Dull is a talented freshman golfer for Lakota High School playing on the boys' team.

Despite that, she confidently knows she does not need an extra handicap when it comes to competing against the guys.

"They think I'm just like a little freshman, you know, like a girl too," Dull said. "Like I'm playing with the guys, they think that I have no chance in winning. It's pretty funny because most of the time, I actually do win."

Kyleigh started golfing when she was 5-years-old, drawing inspiration from her older sister Makayla, who also played on the boys' team.

"I've always looked up to her in golf like with breaking records and everything, and I just always looked up to her. She really inspired me," Dull said.

Like her sister, Kyleigh is already reaching success.

This season she led the boys' team to the program's first-ever league title. Just this past weekend, she placed fourth at the Division II Girls State Tournament.

"I feel like playing with the boys. I feel like my nerves, I don't really have nerves with them 'cause I feel like I can easily beat them," Dull said. "My sister, she did the same thing too, so she's always liked mentally helped me with that."

And just like her teammates, Kyleigh hits from the boys' tee. She says in the long run, that actually helps her compete against the girls.

"I just feel like when I go up to the girls' tees it's a lot shorter," Dull said. "I always have like a birdie opportunity that I have when I'm with the girls because it's shorter and everything."

As for her next goal, Kyleigh has her sights set on bringing home a state title.

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