City of Toledo submits proposal to Amazon to open new HQ in Toledo-area

City of Toledo submits proposal to Amazon to open new HQ in Toledo-area

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Amazon is set to open a second headquarters and nearly every state is placing bids to get in the massive facility there. Toledo is only one of the cities nationwide in the Amazon sweepstakes.

Maumee already announced earlier its proposal for Fallen Timbers. Toledo's proposal includes both the Fallen Timbers site as well as one within the city limits.

Toledo's other proposed site is in Southwyck, which is now renamed Hawthorne Hiils.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson says the Hawthorne Hills location is ideal for the proposed headquarters.

"It's close to the interstate and to the Turnpike. It's near sites were other logistic businesses are at," Mayor Hicks-Hudson said. "I think it 's a good site. It's in an up and coming neighborhood. And it's a community I think will welcome it."

Toledo will offer a $780 million tax incentive to the company.

If the company does decide to open the second headquarters, nicknamed 'HQ2' in Toledo, it would bring 50,000 jobs to the area with an average salary of $100,000.

It would be a $5 billion investment in the northwest Ohio area.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says she knows what Toledo is up against. There are cities from across the country and around the world submitting competitive packages to entice the huge investment. But she says Toledo should be considered for a number of reasons.

"We have affordablility, in terms of housing and liveability. We have the transportation," Mayor Hicks-Hudson said. "Where we're sitting in the Midwest, you can get to any place in a few hours. We're close to rail, airline, the sea and the interstate. We have all of those types of advantages."

She also thinks Toledo's workforce sets it apart from other locations.

"We have a strong workforce that is willing to work. That has proven time and time again," Mayor Hicks-Hudson said.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says Toledo's proposal is strong. She says she is confident in the city's proposal to compete against the others coming from around the globe.

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