Ottawa Hills celebrates three years of "All A's"

Ottawa Hills celebrates three years of "All A's"

OTTAWA HILLS, OH (WTOL) - There was a celebration at Ottawa Hills High School Thursday morning, and for good reason..

The district has achieved something no other district in the state has: getting all A's on state report cards, three years in a row.

Ottawa Hills held an assembly to thank everyone for their help achieving the accomplishment, including students, teachers and staff and the entire community.

"I think it's an honor to actually have some recognition because we really do work a lot and it does mean something to us when we get awards like this because it proves the hard work is paying off," said student body president Ethan Rivpenhoff.

The superintendent says he's proud of the district for the accomplishment and says part of the success is making sure students aren't left behind, and that they master concepts before moving on to the next.

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