Orange barrels in downtown Toledo causing frustration among commuters

Orange barrels in downtown Toledo causing frustration among commuters

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Anyone who regularly drives through downtown Toledo noticed a bunch of orange barrels littering the streets.

The city of Toledo, over recent years, have put a lot of effort into rebuilding the downtown district with restaurants, apartments and the new ProMedica headquarters. But with more business comes more cars on the road.

"It's exciting to be downtown. It's exciting to kind of have all of the options and all of those exciting pieces, but the commute I know for the last couple days have been pretty confusing," driver Andrew Heberling said. "It's just been frustrating."

The city closed several small streets and also narrowed others across downtown for various reasons from road repair to fixing a gas main leak. Those who live and work in downtown are starting show some frustration.

"I think they are doing too much at one time," driver Jayme Cole said.

But the pains of driving downtown are far from over.

Beginning this Friday, drivers will no be able to get to downtown using the downtown exit on NB I-75, nor will they be able to use the Anthony Wayne Trail.

Drivers know the importance of getting the fixes done, but they believe it could be more convenient for drivers.

"Do it third shift when there is hardly any cars on the road," Cole said. "Kind of makes more sense than to close it off and you're impacting everyone that works in the area."

The city says if you are planning to come downtown this weekend for the Zombie Bar Crawl or the Walleye home opener, you need to plan ahead.

If you are coming from either I-75 N or the Anthony Wayne Trail, you should use Collingwood or St. Clair to get to downtown before eventually making it onto Monroe.

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